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This GTAV mod makes wanted levels and police actions more realistic

by Joey Davidson | May 14, 2015May 14, 2015 10:00 am PDT

If you’ve been looking for a bit more in the way of realism when it comes to the behavior and response of the police and wanted levels in Grand Theft Auto V, this Crime and Police Rebalance & Enhancement mod from BobJaneTMart might do the trick.

Silenced weapons no longer alert the surrounding area to a crime. Leaving no witnesses means no wanted level. If they don’t have time to call the cops, the cops won’t show up. If you commit the crime in a secluded area, you won’t receive a wanted level. Much more realistic than killing someone on the beach without anyone around and immediately hearing the police radio, right?

Furthermore, the mod brings the army back into the high wanted levels. Get ready to run from tanks. Or take them. Whichever.

The mod is here on Make sure you have it completely off and put away when you head online. Rockstar has no problem with single player mods, just don’t bring your tweaked game into online play.

YouTube user¬†The XXI¬†does a great job highlighting what’s offered.

Joey Davidson

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