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New Super Mario Bros. comes to Wii U Virtual Console today

New Super Mario Bro

Thought we escaped from the clutches of New Super Mario Bros., didn’t you? Well, you were wrong! The original 2006 hit is one of the best selling games of all time, sitting about roughly 30.8 million copies, so naturally Nintendo is going to want to flog it for all it’s worth at this point. The game will be launching for the Wii U Virtual Console today for $9.99.

I was never really a fan of this game, and that was even before everybody grew tired of it shtick three similar games later. In 2006, it had been nearly 15 years since we played a legitimate 2D Mario game, Super Mario World, and the real world was craving some of that old-school action. They got it in New Super Mario Bros. on the Nintendo DS, and most people praised it for being true to the original spirit.

Myself? I thought it was a clever evolution of the original Super Mario Bros., but when playing it, it still felt light-years behind Super Mario World or Super Mario Bros. 3. Granted, that was the point. The game was supposed to be an “other world” Mario title as if Super Mario Bros. 3 had never happened, and the franchise had diverged in a different direction.

At the time, I just felt like if I needed the nostalgia trip, why not play the better games instead? I wanted to play 2D Mario to have fun, not play 2D Mario for the sake of playing 2D Mario. Nowadays, it’s a bit more interesting as a stand alone title with that “other world” approach, and comparing the game to two of the best platformers of all time that weren’t supposed to exist isn’t exactly fair.

It’s a fine game and was a solid start to a sub-series that went on a little bit too long. Maybe a fresh look is what I need now that it is almost old enough to be nostalgic.


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