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Gears of War remaster screenshots from footage leak

by Eric Frederiksen | May 14, 2015May 14, 2015 7:20 am PST

The only thing Black Tusk and Microsoft have left to do on the Gears of War remaster is actually announce it. We’ve seen it hinted at, denied, and rated.

Now we have some footage accidentally leaked onto the Xbox DVR site, likely by a developer who forgot to disable the automatic upload.

This isn’t gameplay footage per se – the enemy is standing still in the clips while the player attacks them. It’s likely test footage for some of the gore physics or something like that. But it’s definitely footage taken in-game.

The two images above were pulled from a NeoGAF thread on the leak comparing the screenshot of the new clips to one from the original Gears. Microsoft is likely scrambling to take the footage down, but currently the thread, linked to in the source for this story, has links to the videos.

If you decide to click through and watch the clips, it’s important to note that they were filmed using the Xbox Game DVR and were filmed three months ago, before the service was updated to record at 60 fps. The graphics shown may also be of an earlier build and not indicative of the final product. They are, more than anything, a simple confirmation that the game is in the works.

We’ll likely see the first official acknowledgment of Gears of War Ultiamte next month at E3.


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