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ARK: Survival Evolved pits you against dinosaurs and humans

by Eric Frederiksen | May 14, 2015May 14, 2015 4:40 pm PST

The part of my brain that likes dinosaurs will always be a kid. As a result, I’m unreasonably excited about ARK: Survival Evolved.

New indie developer Studio Wildcard announced this week that it is working on a dinosaur-infused survival game that will launch into Steam Early Access in just a few weeks.

There’s a bit of Rust in ARK, as players awaken naked and confused on an island and have to fend for themselves from there to create shelter, obtain food, and improve technology. Dinosaurs aren’t just dangerous predators, though. They can be tamed and even ridden, as shown in the trailer.

There will be, according to the announcement, 60 different dinosaurs including many of the basics like Pterodactyls, Velociraptors, Tyrannosaurus Rex, and Brontosaurus. Players will be able to build structures and compounds in addition to the usual weapons. The trailer starts with bows and spears, but elements like pistols, rifles, and even floating technology pop up throughout the trailer. The characters each appear to have some sort of device in their arm, in line with the question in the press release about ARK’s “true purpose.”

Then there’s the dragon…

The studio, led by Jesse Rapczak (former technical art director at Microsoft Game Studios) is building the game in Unreal Engine 4 for a variety of platforms, including consoles. It’s currently set to hit PC via Steam Early Access on June 2, but is in development for Linux, Mac, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

When it launches, I look forward to tons of people pointing out how unrealistic the game is even though they’re riding on a triceratops’ back wielding a shotgun while they say it.

Eric Frederiksen

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