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The Black Glove officially put on hold, ex-BioShock devs head elsewhere

by Ron Duwell | May 12, 2015May 12, 2015 5:30 pm PDT

Day For Night Games, a team of former BioShock developers, has sadly had to put its promising surrealistic indie title The Black Glove on hold. The game failed to obtain its goal through Kickstarter last year, and further attempts at securing funding have proven to be fruitless. Needless to say, the team needs to eat, and the core members have left their project behind in search of other work.

The official announcement comes through Day For Night’s official website, claiming that the team has found other work for now, but it plans to return to The Black Glove at a later date.

“We put together a gameplay demo that showed how you used The Black Glove artifact to explore the narrative rich environments of The Equinox and unlock its secrets. We brought it to GDC and PAX East and showed it to publishers behind closed doors,” the developer said.

“We garnered some interest, but didn’t find the perfect glass slipper we were looking for and, understandably, began to lose key people to full-time work elsewhere.

“We’ve invested thousands of hours and considerable thought and emotion into the project, so it’s hard to step away, but it’s not forever. We intend to return to The Black Glove later when we can do it right.”

Such a pity. The indie scene has definitely proven to be a place of highs and lows, but it’s times like these that we remember for every Shovel Knight and Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night, there are countless of other projects that don’t make it, even games that by all rights should be a success.

The Black Glove was definitely among these, and I hope its developers can come back to it one day.

Day For Night

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