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[Updated] MediEvil to return to the PlayStation 4? Leaked footage suggests so

by Ron Duwell | May 9, 2015May 9, 2015 2:00 pm PST


Update: It turns out that this is a (very well done) fan project made on Unreal Engine 4, confirmed by the creator who insists that it was just done for fun. Darn shame, but still, my original question remains. Would you like to see a return of the MediEvil series?

Original story: When your first attempt to click with fans of old mascots turns out to be an oddity merely masquerading as his inspirations, not to mention a colossal failure, why not turn to a genuine classic mascot to get the job done?

Footage of Sir Daniel Fortesque strutting his stuff through a high-rez version of the classic MediEvil PlayStation games has been leaked through ArejugonesTV. Of course, Sony has no such game confirmed to be in development at this time, so either this is a genuine game that has been leaked or somebody’s idea of a funny joke from the mod scene.

MediEvil was a mid-life PlayStation hit developed by Sony’s SCE Cambridge Studio, now known as Guerilla Cambridge. Perhaps coincidentally, the studio’s credits list an Unannounced Project being worked on for the PlayStation 4 as we speak. Maybe we just found it?

The original game, which starred Sir Dan in a mindless hack ‘n slash action adventure, spawned a a sequel in 2000 which took him 500 years into the future, and a remake for the PSP in 2005 called MediEvil Resurrection. Both the original and PSP remake are available on the PlayStation Network. The sequel is not.

Would you like to play as Sir Dan in a new MediEvil game? The original games are very much a product of their time. Sony was desperate for a new mascot by 1998 seeing as how none of its previous attempts had really stuck like Sonic or Mario, and while the MediEvil games were fairly popular, they are hardly the stuff of legends like Metal Gear Solid and other huge titles that were released in 1998.

Still, retro revivals have proven to be fairly promising over the years, so why not? I’ll be more than happy to give this a shot.

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