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Bungie files for The Taken King trademark, a new Destiny expansion?

The Taken King

The ever vigilant NeoGAF has turned up a new trademark filed by Bungie for something called “The Taken King,” and many believe it to be a new expansion for its mega-hit game, Destiny.

The trademark falls into the “downloadable video games” category and was filed on April 28 by attorney Jim Charne. This same man who filed trademarks for previous expansions, The Dark Below and House of Wolves. The GAF also points out the resemblance between the red “oxblood” in the trademarked logo and the symbol for the Hive alien race in the game’s lore.

Destiny Hive Symbol

The House of Wolves expansion will be released on May 19, and both Bungie and Activision have mentioned that they were working on a new “major content release” to throw out there in the fall. Could NeoGAF have stumbled across the big announcement early?

USPTO Polygon NeoGAF

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