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Grooveshark may not be dead after all

by Jacob Kleinman | May 5, 2015May 5, 2015 6:00 pm PST


Last week, Grooveshark shuttered its website and officially apologized for violating copyright law. At the time we assumed the decade-old streaming service was gone for good, but just a few days later Grooveshark appears to be back.

The new site uses the same logo and basic design as the original Grooveshark, but it’s missing most of the features. Instead, all you get is a search bar. Type in an artist or song and you’ll see a list of tracks you can stream or download. That’s it.

Whether any of this is legal is unclear, though the new Grooveshark goes to great lengths to argue it’s not breaking any laws. The music available on the site is apparently for “preview purposes” only according to the Terms of Use page. That means you should theoretically only listen to each track once before paying for it elsewhere.

The entire site was apparently assembled by a team led by one person affiliated with Grooveshark. When it became clear that the service was preparing to shut down, he began backing up all its content, and apparently managed to save about 90 percent of it. The team is still working on filling in the remaining 10 percent.

You can check out the new Grooveshark via the source link below, though we don’t recommend actually downloading any music from it. If you’re still looking for a new streaming service, there are plenty of options out there that are legal, free and probably won’t get shut down again in the very near future.

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