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Grand Theft Auto V mod introduces the Gravity Gun

by Ron Duwell | May 5, 2015May 5, 2015 1:40 pm PST

WARNING: The above clip uses the same naughty language you would expect to hear in a Grand Theft Auto V gunfight.

Have you ever heard of a man named Gordon Freeman? Apparently, he has been skipping out on Half-Life games to help Grand Theft Auto V’s Mike, Franklin and Trevor get the boost in technology they need to completely demolish Los Santos.

Introducing, the Gravity Gun. Modder MatriZ, one can only assume that this is Gordon Freeman’s account name, and his slick little invention take the destruction and chaos of Grand Theft Auto V to new heights. It can launch trucks hundreds of feet through the air, dangle innocent pedestrians above the surface of the Earth, propel police cars right back at their former drivers, and blast policemen into the blades of a helicopter. Ouch, that had to hurt. This is absolute mayhem!

Thanks Mr. Freeman!

His excellent little addition has the mechanics in place, but it could do with being dressed up to make it a little flashier. Be sure to check the Gravity Gun out, and be sure to let Rockstar know that this is something you want officially supported.


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