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Google acquires Timeful to improve Inbox, Gmail and Calendar

by Todd Haselton | May 4, 2015May 4, 2015 6:00 pm PDT


Google on Monday announced that it has officially acquired Timeful, an app that helps folks manage their calendars and personal lives with recommendations offered by an intelligent software engine. You might want to exercise every day of the week, for example, and Timeful is capable of recommending the best times to do so based on your calendar. Now Google will use that tech to improve its apps.

“We’re excited about all the ways Timeful’s technology can be applied across products like Inbox, Calendar and beyond, so we can do more of the work for you and let you focus on being creative, having fun and spending time with the people you care about,” Google’s director of Gmail product management Alex Gawley said.

He also offered some use case scenarios where Timeful’s tech can be used.

“Even as these tools have simplified our lives, we’re still inundated with too many updates, information and everyday tasks,” Gawley explained. “And we still have to do a lot of logistical work ourselves—like deciding what time exactly we should snooze that Reminder in order to get it done in time for Mom’s birthday, or figuring out when to work on that presentation so that it’s ready for next week’s sales pitch.”

Timeful said its app will continue to be available for download, but that its development will now be focused on building Google apps.


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