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Tokyo Xanadu screenshots, Cross Drive battle system explained

by Ron Duwell | May 1, 2015May 1, 2015 5:30 pm PDT

Nihon Falcom has released a whole new batch of screenshots showing off its upcoming action game Tokyo Xanadu for the PS Vita. The solid looking game promises to provide some flashy action to highlight its gameplay, but deep down at its core, the game still is an RPG.

And when we have an RPG from Japan, that means we have a “system.” Here, it’s called the Cross Drive System. Gematsu has the explanation.

When the Drive Gauge at the bottom right of the screen reaches 100 percent, which is accumulated by landing standard and skill attacks, you can activae the Cross Drive by pressing the down arrow key. During the period which the gauge decreases from 100 to zero percent, your speed will increase, downs are disabled, and abnormal statuses are disabled. Co-op attacks with your partner character will also receive a significant boost.

Each of the four main characters will also provide different effects with their attack.

Kou’s anchor gear slashes like a whip and slices the surrounding enemies. After that, the anchor gear enlarges and flies into the center of the surrounding enemies, unleashing Kou’s strongest move on the enemies in the front.

After letting out a series of rapid, continuous attacks, Asuka jumps into the sky and throws her Soul Device directly at the enemy, creating a huge crystal flower that blooms and deals serious damage to the enemies.

After unleashing a barrage that steams in parts created by high speeds, Sora focuses energy between her hands and attacks with a huge ball of energy.

Yuuki’s Soul Peridium multiplies and in a curve-like movement attacks the enemy from all angles. After that, the several Soul Peridium’s fuse to create one giant Soul Peridium, and like a meteor drops at the enemy from high in the sky.

Attacks can also be strung together for higher combo points and more damage. Nihon Falcom has been on a roll lately with its RPGs, and I can’t wait to try this one. Hopefully we’re not left waiting too long.

Tokyo Xanadu will be released for the PS Vita this year in Japan. No word on the localization yet, but XSEED has a domain name registered for it. Don’t leave us hanging, guys!


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