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Shovel Knight is now available for Xbox One, what’s next?

by Ron Duwell | April 29, 2015April 29, 2015 1:40 pm PST

The circle is now complete. If you own a traditional current gen gaming platform, you can play Shovel Knight. Yacht Club Game’s excellent 8-bit throwback has just launched for the Xbox One today for $14.99.

Keep in mind that this is the version which stars his fellow 8-bit compatriots, the Battletoads. A secret item hidden in one of the levels will open up a cameo boss fight against the muscular amphibians, and early reactions to the fight have been glowing.

Even more exciting though, now that Shovel Knight is universally available, Yacht Club Games can now focus solely on DLC and the other stretch goals it promised during its Kickstarter run. Gender swaps, playable villain campaigns like the upcoming Plague of Shadows expansion, boss rush mode. Many have wondered what Yacht Club Games is going to do now that Shovel Knight is finished, but that line of thought is operating under the incorrect assumption that Shovel Knight is indeed “finished.”

From the way it appears, this indie team has found itself a wonderful platform to build from, and it might be working on Shovel Knight for the rest of these developers’ natural lives. I don’t mind, and it if is financially feasible for them, I’m not sure if they do either.

We’re not even sure if Shovel Knight is totally finished being ported yet. Android? iOS? I’d probably snag it up for my Galaxy Tab if I could. How many times will I buy this game?

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