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iPad “test model” nabbed by thieves in Cupertino robbery

by Todd Haselton | April 29, 2015April 29, 2015 3:00 pm PST


Remember when an Apple employee left an iPhone in a bar, after which it was ultimately revealed to the world? Well, apparently there’s now another early Apple product loose in the wild, though the story is a bit different this time.

According to Mercury News, two robbers who broke into a house in Cupertino and ended up kidnapping a victim in his 20s, ultimately walked away with a “test model iPad from Apple,” among other things. The news outlet didn’t specify what kind of iPad it was—whether it’s simply a test version of an iPad that’s already on the market, or if it’s a brand-new iPad that hasn’t been released yet—perhaps the long-rumored iPad Pro.

The crazy part? Authorities still haven’t found the “test model iPad” that the victim reported missing, which means it’s still possible it will crop up somewhere public. Apple is likely trying to track down the device, as it did with the iPhone 4 that Gizmodo obtained way back in 2010. Authorities speaking to Mercury News said these instances are actually fairly common, however, so we may never see this particular mysterious iPad.

Mercury News

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