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Killer Instinct finally introduces Cinder, teases newcomer Aria

by Ron Duwell | April 28, 2015April 28, 2015 11:40 am PST

Ever since Microsoft announced plans to relaunch Killer Instinct as a free-to-play fighting game, I’ve been waiting to formally be re-introduced to my favorite fighter from the original arcade game: the hot-skinned Cinder.

Two years later, we finally have it. Cinder, live and in the burning flesh. The last of the original line-up to be given a spot on the modern day roster, and it was oh so worth the wait. Iron Galaxy has released the official trailer introducing our anti-hero, and it is quite magnificent. Great guitar rifts, awesome combos. His voice comes off as a little too “bro-ish,” but it suits his character as a trash-talking, likable villain.

I was hoping for a bit more slick James Bond-ish tone to his villainy, but I can live with this. Now all I need is an Xbox One to finally catch up and play with him. Cinder will be available on May 6.

In addition to Cinder, Iron Galaxy also teased the final character of Killer Instinct’s season 2, an original by the name of Aria. Expect more from her later, but her brief appearance looks ripped straight from a mecha anime.


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