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Just Cause 3 gameplay reveal trailer – Excuse me while I kiss the sky! And this early GotY contender

You know, we got a look at Avalanche Studios’ Mad Max just a few days ago, and I thought “Meh, that looks pretty good. Maybe I’ll check it out. I mean, it’s no Just Cause, but…”

And then it hit me. There are no “buts.” Mad Max is simply no Just Cause. In fact, nothing out there is the equivalent of Just Cause, and the debut gameplay trailer for the upcoming Just Cause 3 is about to show you why.

Only one franchise in video gaming is allowed to write its own rules so abrasively and take such liberties with over the top action. Throwing pilots from the cockpit of planes, using a bus dangling from a helicopter as a demolition ball, destroying a helicopter with pistols while hanging upside-down from an airplane, mowing down some quite lovely sunflowers with a car.

Other franchises can keep their fancy-pants licenses, their Batman: Arkham Asylum combat, their forced stealth segments and childish morality systems, their cover based shooting, their painfully scripted missions, their facades of “freedom.”

Just Cause 3 is the remedy that the AAA gaming scene needs to get all that crap out of its system. Get in there, cause a whole lot of chaos, and get out. Your rules, your fun, all your way. Avalanche Studio is the best at this open-world genre because it knows when to back off and leave me in peace to enjoy its game at my pace.

If the game turns out half a good as this trailer and improves on the formula that Just Cause 2 laid before it, then I’d be half ready to go ahead and write my Game of the Year editorial right now, a whole six months before my deadline.

Expect to play Just Cause 3 this coming holiday season for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.

Ron Duwell

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