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Nokia: No plans to sell consumer smartphones

by Jacob Kleinman | April 27, 2015April 27, 2015 6:30 am PST

Nokia Lumia 830-8

Nokia may finally start designing new smartphones next year, but the company won’t be selling its own handsets anytime soon. The Finnish firm recently offered an official statement following reports that it would jump into the phone market in 2016.

“Nokia reiterates it currently has no plans to manufacture or sell consumer handsets,” the company said according to Reuters, though that doesn’t mean we won’t see a Nokia-designed smartphone next year.

Instead, the company could follow a brand-licensing strategy, similar to the N1 tablet designed by Nokia and manufactured by Foxconn in China. Either way, the firm can’t go anywhere near the smartphone market until 2016 as part of its agreement with Microsoft. In the meantime, Nokia has stayed busy, recently announcing plans to buy Alcatel-Lucent while attempting to sell off its HERE Maps division.

Regardless of whether Nokia actually sells the new devices, we’d love to see it return to the mobile market next year. The company produced some great Lumia phones before it sold the division to Microsoft, and hopefully we’ll see those same skills applied to an Android handset starting in 2016.


Jacob Kleinman

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