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Kickstart these light-up bricks and take your Lego to the next level

by Jacob Kleinman | April 27, 2015April 27, 2015 8:00 pm PST

Remember Lego? I know I personally spent hours and hours of my childhood sitting on the floor surrounded by tiny Lego bricks. It’s been a while since I spent any time with my old Lego collection, but a new Kickstarter project has me ready to start building again.

“Build Upons” are tiny Lego-style bricks with built-in LEDs that light up when connected to a power source. They’re designed to fit right in with your regular Lego, making it possible to give any creation some working lights. At the same time it’s also a fun and easy way to teach kids about how electronics work.

Each kit comes with LED bricks along with bridge bricks, power bricks and a battery pack that takes three AA batteries. Each “Build Upons” brick has metal running through it, creating an electrical current when they’re stacked together. All you need to do is attach them in the right order.

As a concept it’s pretty simple, but the company has already gone through several prototypes to perfect the design. At this point Build Upons is ready to be manufactured and shipped, all that’s missing is the money to do it.

You can pre-order your own starter kit for as little as $25, which includes 3 LED bricks, 5 bridge bricks, 1 power brick and a battery pack. For $38 you can pre-order the Aficionado Kit, with 5 LED bricks, 10 bridge bricks, 2 power bricks and 2 batteries. There’s even a $150 Super Bling Kit with 35 LED bricks in a variety of colors, 35 bridge bricks, 7 power bricks and 7 battery packs. All order ship in late 2015, though hopefully they’ll arrive in time for the holidays.

There’s always the risk that a Kickstarter project could be delayed or vanish entirely, but the team behind Build Upons seems confident they can pull this off. Our only real concern is that Lego might step in and try to block the entire thing, though we’re not sure how the company could even do something like that.

Assuming everything goes as planned you should be building awesome illuminated Lego creations before the end of the year.


Jacob Kleinman

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