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WhatsApp Calling comes to BlackBerry 10


Less than a week after arriving on iOS, WhatsApp Calling is now available on BlackBerry 10. The feature is introduced with the version release, which also brings lots of bug fixes and improvements.

WhatsApp Calling is a free service that allows WhatsApp’s 800 million active users to make free voice calls to one another — even if they’re in another country. The service uses Wi-Fi and data, so it doesn’t eat into your voice minutes like traditional calls do.

But Calling is one of many big improvements for BlackBerry 10 users with this WhatsApp update. You’ll also find the ability to search for individual messages, chats, and contacts; improved font scaling; and improved support for the BlackBerry Classic.

Other, more minor changes, include:

  • Location messages now show a larger map preview
  • Added “Add to Contacts” context actions to the chats list (for chats with unknown contacts) and to the group info screen (for unknown group participants)
  • Added custom ringtone selection for incoming WhatsApp calls (Settings, Notification Settings, Call notifications)
  • Added year/month subdirectories for received pictures, and WhatsApp-specific subdirectories for received audio and video
  • Added counts to the Favs/Groups/Contacts tabs when pulling down the list past the beginning
  • Miscellaneous fixes and updates

This update is available immediately in BlackBerry World, so if you haven’t already downloaded it, go grab it now.

Killian Bell

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