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Tokyo Xanadu character revealed, first gameplay footage

by Ron Duwell | April 24, 2015April 24, 2015 5:30 pm PST

Nihon Falcom has shared some footage and new details about its upcoming PS Vita action RPG Tokyo Xanadu, and wouldn’t you know it? It looks just like a Nihon Falcom game!

The first gameplay footage comes to us in a PlayStation line-up trailer for the spring and summer in Japan. Nihon Falcom, best known for the Ys and Legend of Heroes games, has a well-oiled formula with light action RPG mechanics, bright and flashy anime graphics, and the most off-the-wall Japanese techno soundtracks you could imagine.

Tokyo Xanadu falls into each of those categories perfectly, and it adds a dash of Persona with a demon sub-world and high school misfits waging battles against them. Not a half bad looking game. I hope it comes to the West like XSEED’s domain registration suggests.

In addition to the footage, Nihon Falcom also introduced a new character by the name of Yuuki Shinomiya. He’s described as a bit of an arrogant jerk with an IQ over 180, and he looks down on normal people in society. He tends to keep to himself and makes a fortune playing the stock market and developing apps at the tender age of 16. Sounds like a horrible bag of narcissistic teenage angst, and I can’t wait to avoid controlling him.

Tokyo Xanadu will launch for the PS Vita in Japan this summer. Again, nothing official on a localization yet.


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