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Steam offering great sale on a huge pile of roguelikes

by Joey Davidson | April 24, 2015April 24, 2015 9:20 am PST

Roguelike Game Sale on Steam

Do you like roguelikes? Has hearing about the genre that features randomness, tough difficulty and brutal permadeath piqued your interest enough to try a game yet?

Well, now might be a good chance to give it a crack. Steam is offering a sale on a bevy of roguelikes that’s currently running and will last until April 27 at 10am Pacific.

What games are included? Most of the best, in fact. Here’s a quick sample of my favorites and their current price.

  • Spelunky – $3.74
  • FTL: Advanced Edition – $2.49
  • Rogue Legacy – $3.74
  • Risk of Rain – $2.49
  • Sunless Sea – $15.19
  • Legend of Dungeon -$2.99
  • Don’t Starve – $5.09

That’s just a handful of the titles on the list, so you definitely should hit the source link below and check it out. Any of the games I listed above, though, are awesome. I was especially surprised by how much I loved  Legend of Dungeon and Sunless Sea, for instance. Both games came out of nowhere for me, and I wound up dumping a lot of time into them.

Are you eyeing anything up in particular? Or, will you skip on this sale entirely?


Joey Davidson

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