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Apple Watch teardown reveals Taptic Engine, tiny battery, mysterious port


With the Apple Watch today reaching early adopters all around the world, it’s time for its customary teardown by iFixit. Under the hood, we get a glimpse at Apple’s new Taptic Engine and the Watch’s tiny lithium-ion battery.

One of the first interesting things the iFixit team noticed after pulling off the bands on their 38mm Apple Watch Sport is a mysterious cover on the edge of its casing. It looks like it can be removed with a pin or SIM ejector tool, and it’s hiding the Watch’s diagnostics port.

The Watch’s display is held in place by some adhesive, so it’s not too difficult to remove, but you have to pull it away carefully so that the cables connecting it to the logic board are not split. They’re held in place by a “springy bracket,” iFixit says — kind of like the one that holds the Touch ID cable in place on the iPhone 5s.

Beneath the display, we get a clear look at Apple’s new Taptic Engine, which is what provides Watch with its haptic feedback functions. We also get to see the workings of the device’s Digital Crown, and we get our first look at the Watch’s battery.

In the 38mm Watch, iFixit found a 3.8v, 205mAh lithium-ion cell, which is incredibly small — even though it takes up more than half of the space inside the Watch’s body. In comparison, Android Wear rivals like the G Watch and the G Watch R have a 410mAh battery, while Sony’s SmartWatch 3 has a 420mAh battery.

Apple says you should expect to get around 18 hours of use out of this battery with normal use, which includes 6.5 hours of music playback. The company also says we can expect slightly better battery life from the 42mm Watch, which will have a bigger battery.

Some of the Watch’s components, such as its speaker, are fitted with rubber gaskets for water resistance. “These gaskets help, but rapid temperature changes will cause any metal to shrink or expand and can compromise the integrity of these seals,” iFixit warns.

If you’re interested in the other components inside the Apple Watch, check out iFixit’s full teardown via the source link below.


Killian Bell

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