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Dragon Ball Z Extreme Butoden footage – Kamehameha battles!

Footage from Japan’s Dragon Ball Z: Extreme Butoden demo on the Nintendo 3DS has leaked from beyond the country’s borders and detailed a few of its gameplay points.

First off, the demo features two different gameplay modes, a “Free Battle” mode and a “Versus Battle” mode. Free Battle allows players to pick a team of three from Goku, Kid Gohan, Vegeta, and Buu, and their battle takes off in five different stages.

Gameplay footage looks very similar to the old Budoten games on the Super Famicom. Flying, combos, and most importantly, Kamehameha battles between button mashing friends. My only real complaint is that Buu is simply too large for the screen! He takes up nearly the entire resolution, and the Nintendo 3DS looks like it is about to be crushed under the weight of two of him.

Beyond that though, the footage is top notch, and it looks like a really solid fighting game. Of course, the one and only Arc System Works is working on it behind the scenes, probably hinting as to why it looks like something worth picking up. Great studio.

Bandai Namco hasn’t confirmed if the game will make it to North America, but here’s to hoping it does. Dragon Ball Z: Extreme Butoden has picked up a lot of interest because of the hundred+ characters it features, most of which are supporting cast. It will be released on June 11 in Japan for the Nintendo 3DS. Ugh, region-locking.


Ron Duwell

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