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GTA V’s PC files accessed by modders, show zombies and horses

by Joey Davidson | April 17, 2015April 17, 2015 8:20 am PDT

A community of modders are working on a tool that will eventually enable the editing of files within Grand Theft Auto V. The tool is called OpenIV, and it just hit its version 2.5 release. Version 2.5 allows for the viewing of files, and that’s where this bit of news comes in.

While sifting through the files within GTA V, OpenIV Lead Developer and GTAForums user GooD-NTS posted screenshots of some rather interesting files that potentially point towards what’s in store for the future of GTA V through DLC.

First, there are the files with “zombie” in the name. Look at the file’s location line and you’ll see folders like “dlcpacks” and “dlc.rpf.” Here’s the snapped screenshot.

GTA Online Zombies

GooD-NTS also posted a screenshot that shows the presence of horse audio files, though some users suggest these come from in-game commercials.

Then there are mini-game files for bench pressing, using a blow torch and squats.

This is all, of course, very much in the rumor territory until Rockstar announces something solid. These files could represent things once planned for the game but not used. Or, they could be absolutely nothing at all.

It is interesting, however, to get a look at the content behind the curtain of Grand Theft Auto V. Now that the game is out on all platforms, maybe Rockstar will open up and release some really interesting DLC. Why not an Undead Nightmare-esque take on Los Santos?

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