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GameStop accepting old console trade-ins, and I do mean OLD

by Ron Duwell | April 16, 2015April 16, 2015 9:20 am PDT

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Starting on April 25, GameStop is going to be trying out a little experiment to capitalize on the booming interest in retro gaming. 250 stores around the country will be accepting a trade-in on old consoles, and by that, I mean the Nintendo Entertainment System and other old consoles.

The trade-ins are being kept within the New York City and Birmingham, Alabama areas for now, and beyond the NES, GameStop is accepting the Super Nintendo, SEGA Genesis, PlayStation, Nintendo 64 and Sega Dreamcast. No word about pricing just yet.

Sorry Saturn fans, you are getting no love here. Looks like nothing has changed since the mid-90s.

GameStop states that each console will be sent in to a refurbishing center for inspection and potential repairs before hitting the market once again. GameStop hopes to increase the number of items in its library “by 5,000.” However, you’ll only be able to buy them through the website. GameStops will not be a retro-gaming heaven when you walk through their doors.

It’s not going to become a Super Potato or anything like that.

Sounds interesting, but my classic consoles have far more sentimental worth than the handful of pocket change GameStop will be offering for them. I believe direct sales through eBay and Amazon are probably still the best bet for retro-gaming enthusiasts, but I’m interested in seeing how GameStop does with this.

In the day and age of emulators, Virtual Console, and PSOne Classics, how would the physical retro gaming scene hold up in a mainstream marketplace?

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