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Galaxy S6 Edge owners report auto-rotate bug

by Jacob Kleinman | April 16, 2015April 16, 2015 11:00 am PST

The Galaxy S6 Edge is a beautiful device, but it may be shipping with a pretty gnarly software bug. Complaints have been posted in several online forums, where Samsung customers claim that the new phone’s auto-rotate feature is experiencing issues.

According to Droid-Life, it looks like the problem is affecting Galaxy S6 Edge units from Verizon and Sprint. The device generally works fine for the first day or two, and then suddenly auto-rotate stops responding. The issue appears to be caused by the built-in accelerometer, which may not be registering the physical shift from portrait to landscape mode.

Here’s one Galaxy S6 Edge owner describing the issue on Verizon’s community forum:

Just received my S6 Edge last Fri and the auto-rotation worked fine until yesterday. I noticed YouTube videos wouldn’t change to landscape without manually hitting the full screen button. The camera also doesn’t rotate. I tested the accelerometer and the x coordinate is stuck on -39.227. I have a feeling this is a software bug.

Another Verizon customer ended up calling Samsung to complain. The company apparently confirmed that it’s aware of the issue without offering a clear explanation. In the end, the commenter ended up returning the device to Verizon for a full refund.

Over on the XDA Developers forums, a Galaxy S6 Edge owner who bought the phone from Sprint claimed the issue was caused by an early update. Another commenter said that Sprint has acknowledged the issue as well.

Unfortunately, there’s no clear fix for now. Droid-Life notes that rebooting the device or forcing a factory reset doesn’t help. If you do run into the issue, you should be able to trade in for a new phone, though there’s no guarantee the same thing won’t keep happening until Samsung or your carrier offers a real solution. Until then there’s always the regular, but still awesome, Galaxy S6.

Jacob Kleinman

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