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Samsung has a team of 200 people dedicated to making Apple displays

by Killian Bell | April 15, 2015April 15, 2015 5:13 am PDT

iPad mini with Retina Display - Official Image - 009

Samsung has created a standalone team of 200 people that is dedicated to building displays for Apple devices, according to a new report. The group creates screens for iOS devices and MacBooks, and works with Apple to help develop new products.

“The team at Samsung Display Co., which provides screens for iPads and MacBooks, helps develop products and is only allowed to share information about Apple business within the group,” sources told Bloomberg.

The team was reportedly formed on April 1, and it demonstrates the strong bond between Apple and Samsung, which rely on each other despite being rivals in the mobile industry. It also suggests Samsung is confident of winning Apple Watch display orders, according to Jerry Kang, an analyst with research firm IHS.

Apple has long been Samsung’s biggest component customers, but the two are an unlikely partnership.

Not only are they great rivals in the smartphone and tablet markets, but they have also come up against each other in many high-profile and costly legal battles — one of which found Samsung guilty of copying the iPhone.

But Apple would struggle to meet the incredibly demand it sees for devices like the iPhone and iPad without Samsung’s manufacturing resources. In addition to displays, Samsung has supplied Apple with storage chips and RAM for Macs and iOS devices.

The South Korean company is also set to produce Apple’s next-generation A9 processor. Sources told Bloomberg the chips will be made at Samsung’s Giheung plant in South Korea, despite rumors that suggested they could be manufactured in Texas.


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