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Kingdom Hearts III news coming soon, mobile game in the works

by Ron Duwell | April 15, 2015April 15, 2015 10:40 am PDT

Kingdom Hearts III director Tetsuya Nomura has spoken out about his highly anticipated action RPG, and says he will have more to say very shortly. Is that even a real sentence?

Speaking with Famitsu, he assures fans that development is going smoothly, saying, “We’re planning some interesting things.”

“In addition to information on Kingdom Hearts III, I believe there will be some more [that is announced]. Kingdom Hearts III’s development is going smoothly, and there will be a new announcements related to it as well.”

The most telling bit of information he dropped, though, was in regards to a mobile project related to the Kingdom Hearts franchise.

“One of those announcements will be about a smartphone development for the series, which I believe we’ll announce in the near future.”

Nomura also spoke out about Square Enix’s arcade fighting game, Dissidia Final Fantasy, hinting that he might be looking at other spin-off characters to join Final Fantasy Tactics’ protagonist Ramza.

“We get several orders for potential characters. Following Ramza, there are plenty of characters from derivative works, and we’re taking a look at characters from the main-numbered series that have yet to make an appearance, too. Personally, I’m pushing for Minwu [from Final Fantasy II.]”

Kingdom Hearts III is currently in development for the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 using the Unreal Engine 4. No word on a release window just yet.


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