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God of War celebrates 10th birthday by going 8-bit with Shovel Knight

The God of War franchise turned ten years old this past weekend, and good ol’ Kratos is looking even older in his most recent video game appearance. The star of God of War himself appears as a secret enemy in the PlayStation build of Yacht Club Games’ marvelous 8-bit Shovel Knight, and PlayStation Blog has a new trailer to celebrate.

Most of the trailer details the normal adventure that Shovel Knight undertakes on his quest of vengeance against the Enchantress, but Kratos drops in to crash the party at the 50 second mark.

Shovel Knight

In its PlayStation Blog post, Yacht Club Games details the mystery behind Kratos in the newest version of its games, diving into his moves in combat and explaining vaguely that stumbling across him will be too complicated to happen by mere chance.

It also provides a link to the God of War theme remixed as a Japanese 8-bit chiptune. Check it out below.

Shovel Knight launches for the PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4 and PS Vita on April 21. An Xbox One version is the next port we will see with the Battletoads as its guest star.

Ron Duwell

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