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Final Fantasy Type-0 HD ships a million, Square Enix thanks you

Final Fantasy Type-0 HD Thank You

Final Fantasy still has the clout in this world to ship a million copies. Square Enix has confirmed that one million units of the recently released Final Fantasy Type-0 HD have been shipped worldwide, and by inclusion, one million copies of the Final Fantasy XV “Episode Duscae” demo have accompanied it.

Square Enix wants to show its appreciation to all of us fans with the absolute most ridiculous digital poster you could possibly imagine. In it, Final Fantasy XV’s Noctis and Final Fantasy Type-0 HD’s Ace gaze into your soul with their perfectly trimmed locks and their big, luscious eyes. Noctis is even sort of pointing, suggesting that he wants you, just like Uncle Sam!

I jest, of course. What’s the point of being a fan if you can’t poke sticks once in a while? It’s a nice little acknowledgement from the company, and I’m glad that Final Fantasy Type-0 HD has done well for itself. I am a fan of it, and it deserves to be played by a lot of people. Hopefully, it also has shown Square Enix that there is definitely a market for those untranslated handheld RPGs that fans are (im)patiently waiting for.

On a more closely related note, is also gives a decent look into how well Final Fantasy XV might do. Final Fantasy Type-0 HD is only a sub-entry in the popular series, and it wasn’t a high priority on a lot of lists. Final Fantasy XV should prove to be bigger with its main game branding, not to mention that the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One user bases will be even bigger by that point.

Will it sell enough to make up for the nine+ years it saw in development? That’s a long shot, but at least we know the series can still crack seven digits.


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