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Uber’s self-driving car plans revealed

by Jacob Kleinman | April 11, 2015April 11, 2015 5:00 pm PST


Earlier this year, Uber opened a new research lab in Pittsburgh with Carnegie Mellon University to focus on robotic vehicles. Now we may have a better sense of what the company is up to.

CEO Travis Kalanick has never been shy about his interest in self-driving cars, and now a bunch of new job listings spotted by IDG News reveal what’s going on at the new facility.

The listing includes jobs with a focus on research in “machine learning” and robotics, along with traffic simulation and app development. Another Uber listing for motion planning engineers at the Uber Advanced Technology Center in Pittsburgh expresses interest in folks with experience in “robotics motion planning.” The company is also looking for technicians with experience building cars, suggesting it could design its own self-driving vehicles. In total the site lists 19 positions at the new facility, most requiring a “true love of cars.”

Clearly the company is interested in self-driving cars, but we still don’t expect an automated Uber to hit the road anytime soon. The new technology still faces plenty of hurdles before it can hit the market, and every firm from Google and Tesla to Audi and Toyota (pictured above) is racing towards that same goal.

At the very least Uber won’t be left in the dust thanks to its new research center.

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