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Biggest news of the week: April 5-11

by Roy Choi | April 11, 2015April 11, 2015 8:00 am PDT

Here’s a rundown of the biggest stories on TechnoBuffalo this week.

This week we had a wide variety of news including a new Batman v. Superman trailer, a camera comparison of two of the biggest flagships on the market, Galaxy S6’s own version of “bendgate” and much more. Check out our quick rundown below of the biggest stories this week.

Here's what you may have missed...

Film Fondue: Batman v Superman trailer, and new Fantastic Four footage

Grab a tub of popcorn, drink a Mountain Dew, and get ready: Furious 7 is out in theaters, and we’re amped. We’re not expecting a masterstroke of filmmaking genius, but there’s one thing we can all agree on: the franchise has produced some of the most original, thrilling movies over the past few years, and […]

‘Age of Ultron’s’ Vision finally gets a spectacular character poster

Who is that purple guy hanging out with the Avengers? I’m sure a lot of people will be asking that question over the next few weeks. We’ve already been introduced to every other Avenger twice over, but one member that’s been left in the shadows is the Vision. He’s the new android addition to the […]

Samsung Galaxy S6 vs. HTC One M9 camera battle

You can have an excellent design, great battery, and a killer screen, but that’s all for nothing if you don’t have a good camera. We saw how much a poor camera can impact the overall experience with the HTC One M9, undermining an otherwise top shelf device. But, hey, we’re willing to give it another […]

Galaxy S6 Edge bends like the iPhone 6 Plus

Will people stop bending phones on purpose, please? We’re not quite sure why folks are still concerned about phones bending, especially when that problem can easily be fixed with a case. Even still, a company named SquareTrade thinks that all consumers should know whether their new smartphone is going to bend under pressure (spoiler: it […]

Galaxy S6 Edge: Samsung responds to bend concerns

On Friday we covered a video that showed the Galaxy S6 Edge bends just about as easily as the iPhone 6 Plus. It was filmed by SquareTrade, which bent the iPhone 6 Plus, One M9 and Galaxy S6 Edge on video under varying degrees of force. Samsung recently offered an official response to the video, […]

‘Jurassic World’ clip is a little cringeworthy

I just… don’t know. Chris Pratt has a unique ability to be goofy and likable, but I’m not sure that charm is working in Jurassic World. MTV shared a clip of the movie on Thursday, and it looks… let’s just say it doesn’t look great. And that was to be expected, but it’s also a […]

Fantastic Four Thing revealed in official photo

Finally we’re getting a good look at what Jamie Bell will look like as the Thing in the upcoming Fantastic Four movie. Up until now the only image we’ve seen of the look for the Thing has been a blurry shot of a promotional banner. Now, thanks to Empire, we finally have a good image […]

Galaxy S6 Edge REVIEW: The best phone Samsung has ever built

Samsung’s Galaxy S6 Edge offers a perfect combination of first-class tech and design. Read our full review here.

Samsung Galaxy S6 REVIEW: Stellar in every sense of the word

TechnoBuffalo reviews the Samsung Galaxy S6, which is a fantastic and well-rounded device. It’s arguably the best Samsung has ever made.

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