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Ori and the Blind Forest profitable after one week, dev talks franchise’s future

by Ron Duwell | April 10, 2015April 10, 2015 7:30 pm PST

Ori and the Blind Forest - 1

Ori and the Blind Forest is officially an indie hit. The game took five years to develop, but it only took a single week to become profitable as confirmed by Developer Moon Studios founder Thomas Mahler.

Discussing the game’s success on a NeoGAF post, Mahler claims that “Microsoft is super happy,” hinting that his IP has a strong future.

I have somewhat of an outline now of where I’d like to go with the IP in the future, if we’d get to work on another Ori-related project. I think we crafted a big world with memorable characters and there’s a lot of potential for us to go in and keep working on that tale.

There was actually quite a lot of lore we created that didn’t really make it into Blind Forest. I do really like that we kept the story focused on that triangle-relationship between Ori, Naru and Kuro. I love that our characters have quite a lot of depth and that even our antagonist isn’t just out to take over the world, but has a good reason for her actions. But it’d be interesting to take it a step further and open up the world a bit more.

I think it’d be amazing if some movie studio would acquire the film rights and produce a film based on Ori. I think the story we crafted would suit itself really well for that medium as well.

Mahler goes on to state that he has a few prototypes in the works for a follow-up game, but he has to be more secretive about them. We’re fans of the game, so we’d be all for seeing Moon Studios follow up on it.

Ori and the Blind Forest‘s success also shows that unlike its public perception, the Xbox One can play home to a very successful exclusive indie title. I wonder if this will lead to more indie developers leaning towards Microsoft in the future.


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