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Jawbone UP3 finally shipping later this month

by Jacob Kleinman | April 10, 2015April 10, 2015 8:00 am PST

It’s been more than five months since Jawbone first announced the UP3, but the company just confirmed plans to ship its latest fitness tracker later this month. Preorders will be filled starting on April 20, though the device is missing one key feature.

According to Jawbone’s vice president of product Travis Bogard, the UP3 won’t be as water-resistant as initially advertised. That means you can’t take it swimming, though it can still handle “everyday splashing” or a trip to the shower. If that’s not enough, you can cancel your preorder now at no extra charge.

Issues with the waterproof design were actually responsible for the entire delay. Bogard notes that while early Jawbone UP3 units did fine underwater, the mass-produced version just didn’t hold up. Unfortunately, even after five months of testing, the company still can’t guarantee the 10 meters of water resistance as originally promised.

The news comes as a big blow for Jawbone. The UP3 should have launched far ahead of the Apple Watch. Instead it’s arriving late with a major feature still missing. We’re guessing sales for the new device will take a hit as a result, though at least anyone who preordered a unit last year will finally get their due.


Jacob Kleinman

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