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Apple Watch shipping times have already slipped beyond June

If you haven’t already pre-ordered your shiny new Apple Watch, you’re going to be waiting a long time to get it. Shipping times have already slipped beyond June for many models, while some won’t be making their way to you until July.

While the Apple Watch welcome page on Apple’s website still proudly states “Available 4.24.15,” that’s no longer accurate for most customers.

Both the 38mm and 42mm Apple Watch Sport options in all colors won’t be shipping until June at the time of writing this post, while many of the high-end Apple Watch Edition options made of gold won’t be available until July.

If you’re looking to get the midrange Apple Watch made of stainless steel, you may still get that in April if you order quickly; the 38mm option with the black classic buckle band, which is priced at $649, still has a shipping estimate of April 24 to May 8.

However, most of the other midrange Apple Watch options are now shipping sometime between May and July for customers in the U.S. and most other markets, regardless of which band or bracelet you choose with it.

Unlike other Apple products, which can also be purchased in store, Apple Watch will only be available online. So if you missed out on a launch day pre-order, you won’t be able to line up outside of your local Apple Store on launch day to get one there.

We knew Apple Watch supplies were going to be limited, but we were pretty surprised by how quickly shipping times began to slip this morning; it took less than an hour in most markets, and under 30 minutes in China.

Unfortunately, there’s no way to avoid a wait with this particular Apple device. You could always buy your Apple Watch on eBay, of course, but you’ll likely be paying double the price for it.


Killian Bell

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