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GTA V for PC gets another pile of beautiful screenshots

by Joey Davidson | April 9, 2015April 9, 2015 7:20 am PST

Rockstar has shared a brand new batch of screenshots for the upcoming, highly demanded, oft-delayed PC version of Grand Theft Auto V. It’s been way too long coming if you ask me, but at least the screens are gorgeous.

As much as I want to experience Grand Theft Auto V in all of its 4k and 60fps glory, I personally can’t justify triple-dipping on the game. I had the original on the Xbox 360, and I picked up the remaster for my PlayStation 4. The title is wonderful, but playing it three times in two years feels like a stretch.

I have the distinct feeling that, say, four years from now, I’ll be picking this thing up for less than five bucks during a Steam sale. I probably won’t be the only one taking that route, but I’m sure Rockstar banked on that fact as soon as it made the decision to put this on the PC well after releasing it on two generations of home consoles.

I am tempted, of course. But I don’t think that temptation will lead to a purchase.

When Grand Theft Auto V launches for the PC on April 14, will you be buying it?

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