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Conker’s Big Reunion gameplay trailer spoofs Inception

Some might be naysayers about Conker’s Big Reunion being created with Project Spark, but I’m willing to give it a chance. Developer Team Dakota’s main obstacle isn’t replicating or evolving the simple Rareware style of platforming. It’s capturing the same potty-mouth humor found in Conker’s Bad Fur Day without going overboard.

A new gameplay trailer shows that Team Dakota though has gone the simpler route by channeling the modern art of “pop-culture” references. Oh dear… No charming poop jokes, no foul language. All we get a few blasts of the Inception “WHHHHOOOMMMMM” over a fade to black montage, and the trailer closes itself out with what sounds like a failed attempt at a Yoda quote.

Maybe Team Dakota is holding back, but so far, Conker’s Big Reunion needs a serious dose of that iconic British wit that Rare games used to be flooded with.

As for the gameplay, it looks solid enough, but Conker’s Bad Fur Day wasn’t exactly a deep game. The graphics look nice enough at least, and Project Spark certainly does fit the aesthetic of the original.

Conker’s Big Reunion will be available on April 23 for $4.99 / 500 tokens within Project Spark, but $9.99 / 1,000 tokens will land players the game and the 350 unique assets that were used to make the game. I wonder if fans will be able to come up with something even better!


Ron Duwell

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