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Dropbox Composer to take on Google Docs

by Jacob Kleinman | April 8, 2015April 8, 2015 7:00 pm PST

dropbox composer

Dropbox competes directly with Google Drive in the cloud storage market, but the company may soon challenge Google Docs as well with its own collaborative editing app. A new service called Dropbox Composer leaked last week, but wasn’t confirmed until Tuesday.

Speaking to Business Insider, Dropbox head of product Ilya Fushman revealed that Composer is one of many new products currently in testing. That doesn’t mean it’s getting an official launch any time soon, though it looks like the company is close to being ready for an official beta. Fushman explained that Dropbox typically tests each new feature on thousands of customers before releasing to the general public.

Based on several reports, it sounds like Dropbox Composer is a pretty direct competitor to Google Docs (along with similar cloud-based services offered by Microsoft and Apple). It features its own word processor, letting you create new documents or edit your current ones. You can also share and collaborate on a single file with multiple people.

The news doesn’t come as a huge surprise. Composer feels like a natural fit for Dropbox, and the company previously scooped up several firms offering similar software. There’s still no word on when the new features will get an official launch, though it’s sure to be a hit with Dropbox fans once it arrives.

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