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Kobo Glo HD takes on Kindle Voyage for $129.99

by Jacob Kleinman | April 7, 2015April 7, 2015 2:00 pm PST

Kobo hasn’t been able to make much of a dent in Amazon’s Kindle business, at least not here in the U.S., but the Canadian company’s latest eReader may help turn things around. The Kobo Glo HD boasts a high-def display on par with Amazon’s Kindle Voyage at a very competitive price.

The new eReader packs a 6-inch E-Ink touchscreen with a resolution of 1448 x 1072 at 300 pixels per inch for just $129.99. Compare that to Amazon’s Kindle Voyage, which offers a 6-inch 300PPI display starting at $200. The Kobo Glo HD also packs 4GB of storage (enough space for up to 3,000 books), a 1GHz processor, up to two months of battery life and weighs just 180 grams (roughly 0.4 pounds).

Kobo offers its own operating system with tons of customization options, a built-in dictionary, in-text annotation and a specialized homescreen. It also packs a built-in light for reading at night and Wi-Fi support. Unfortunately, the Glo HD doesn’t offer cellular connectivity. It’s also not waterproof like the company’s Aura H20.

The Kobo Glo HD is set to launch on May 1 in the U.S., Canada, Australia and New Zealand. It’s also headed to France on May 22 before a broader European rollout on June 1 in Italy, Germany, Spain and the Netherlands.


Jacob Kleinman

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