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RadioShack-Sprint partnership gets approved in court

by Jacob Kleinman | April 1, 2015April 1, 2015 9:40 am PDT


It’s been almost a month since RadioShack filed for bankruptcy, announcing plans to turn almost half of its stores into Sprint-sponsored showrooms. Now Reuters reports the deal has been approved by the U.S. bankruptcy court.

Out of the more than 4,000 RadioShack locations that existed earlier this year, roughly 1,740 will remain as part of the new partnership. Each store is set to give-up a third of its floorspace to Sprint, while the rest will continue to offer the usual mix of gadgets and electronic parts. Branding will also change to focus on the carrier, including the storefront signs outside each location.

The deal could save as many as 7,500 jobs while keeping RadioShack in businesses. It won’t be the same as before, but for gadget fans who still enjoy a brick-and-mortar shopping experience this is very good news. The company may have some trouble rebuilding its image though, especially after it was caught selling off customers’ private data in a recent auction.


Jacob Kleinman

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