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Today is the last day to claim your Club Nintendo coins

by Ron Duwell | March 31, 2015March 31, 2015 6:00 am EST

Super Mario 3D Land

If you have any Nintendo products you have’t registered over at Club Nintendo yet, then today is the day to do so. March 31 will close out the ability to claim new coins through Nintendo’s rewards program.

Rewards can still be claimed until the end of the “Nintendo Year” on June 30, and members can obtain Elite or Gold status before that time period. Best to do it now while the traffic isn’t too clogged up with others during the final rush. Codes for downloaded games must be redeemed by July 30.

If you are sitting on a huge pile of unregistered Nintendo games, be sure to save a chunk of your afternoon in order to pile up on the savings. There could be a free Virtual Console or even a free Nintendo 3DS game in your future. I don’t nearly have enough stockpiled, but that 600 coin copy of Super Mario 3D Land is quite tempting to strive for. Hopefully, it will be a Elite member reward when the year is up.

Otherwise, you can’t say no to a free copy of Super Metroid, Earthbound, or Star Fox 64. Head on over and see what’s available before your imaginary money goes up in smoke and see what is in store for you.

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