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Super Mario 64’s first level remastered in Unity, check it out

by Joey Davidson | March 30, 2015March 30, 2015 6:30 pm EST

Every gamer with a Nintendo 64 and access to Super Mario 64 remembers the first level from the game. I’m not just talking about the outside of the castle, though we remember that too, I’m talking about Bob-Omb Battlefield.

The music, the enemies, the layout, all of it is permanently stored in my brain. This was the first time we’d gone truly 3D with Nintendo’s heroic plumber, and it was a seminal moment in gaming and for the platforming genre.

Now, that first level has been remade in Unity, and it’s being offered by the developer as a free download. Hopefully Nintendo doesn’t issue a cease and desist on this one, because it’s pretty cool.

The work comes from Erik Roystan Ross, a developer working on a “customer character controller in Unity.”

Ross remastered Mario and this famous first level, and you can snap up download links by visiting his blog linked in the source below.

Now I’m feeling nostalgic. Great.

Joey Davidson

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