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Rodea the Sky Soldier Nintendo 3DS trailer – The eternal question

We’ve got ourselves a classic example of choosing between the convenience of portability and the superior technology of a home console with Rodea the Sky Soldier. Former head of Sonic Team Yuji Naka’s latest game will be released for both the Nintendo 3DS and Wii U, and the two trailers show a similar game that hardly share the same level of quality.

Not that the Nintendo 3DS version looks bad, mind you. The new trailer shows a very competent and quite fun aerial combat game. One of the artists for the cult-classic Gitaroo Man must have worked on those character models at some point. When viewed next to the Wii U debut trailer though, it becomes a little obvious where the corners had to be cut with the framerate and resolution.

So how about it? Rodea the Sky Soldier looks like a solid game, so what do you want to play it for? Will you soak in its glorious aerial scenes through the Wii U’s HD powers, or are you fine with the New Nintendo 3DS’ processing to take it with you on the go?

NipponIchi will be publishing Rodea the Sky Soldier in North America this fall.


Ron Duwell

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