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PlayStation gets Spotify today – Play games while listening to your music

by Joey Davidson | March 30, 2015March 30, 2015 10:00 am EST

The Spotify app will be available on the PlayStation 4  and PlayStation 3 today. Hey, it’s quite possible that’s it’s available right now, as of the moment you’re reading this article.

Spotify exists on the PlayStation platforms as an app within PlayStation Music. Music Unlimited is going away, but current subscribers will receive two free months of Spotify Premium. That normally costs $9.99.

Spotify is a music service that comes in both free and subscription forms. You can listen to any song, album, playlist or radio (built from similar artists or genres) that the service offers. The premium version lets you do it without ads while offering a way to download tunes in advance in order to listen when not connected to the Internet. The free version of Spotify lacks that download option and peppers ads throughout the listening experience.

You can get both experiences on the PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3 and Xperia devices. You can listen to tunes directly in the app, and you can leave them playing while you fire up games. So, my inner-nerd is getting super pumped to blast classical music while I take corners in DriveClub.

As a Spotify Premium user, I recommend you download the app to your mobile device as well. When Spotify is playing on one device across your accounts, you can control it with another. So, open the app on your phone and you can flip through music, pause, play and do whatever else you want without stopping your in-game action.

Spotify is currently exclusive to the PlayStation console brand, so don’t expect this on the Xbox One or Wii U any time soon.

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