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AT&T beats Google to Gigabit Internet in Silicon Valley

by Jacob Kleinman | March 30, 2015March 30, 2015 10:00 pm EST


Google has Fiber, but now Apple’s hometown has access to its own high-speed network thanks to AT&T. The company officially launched its U-verse GigaPower service in Cupertino on Monday, promising super-fast Internet in the Silicon Valley city.

AT&T’s GigaPower starts at $110 a month for 1Gbps Internet, though you can also opt for 300Mbps instead for just $80. Adding TV service costs extra, driving the price up to $150, while a phone line brings the monthly costs even higher. These offers all come with a one or two-year guarantee, so it’s possible the price could go up after that expires.U-verse GigaPower is limited to just some parts of Cupertino, so you’ll need to check availability before you sign up.

AT&T now boasts high-speed service in seven metropolitan areas. The company also has plans to expand into major cities like Chicago, St. Louis, Nashville, Atlanta and Miami, and it’s exploring popular areas along the coast of California.

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Jacob Kleinman

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