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Apple Watch buying experience detailed in new report

by Todd Haselton | March 30, 2015March 30, 2015 10:20 am EST

Wondering what the Apple Watch purchasing experience will be like on launch day? Wonder no more. Recent reports paint a picture of limited availability and suggest appointments will be required, and 9to5Mac recently published an article explaining how those appointments will work for consumers.

After you make a reservation, and you’ll apparently need to have one if you want to purchase an Apple Watch at launch, you’ll walk into a store where a “specialist” will greet you and take you to a special Apple Watch table. Here, you’ll have the opportunity to try the Apple Watch with up to two bands, and to play with a demo unit.

9to5Mac said sales staff will also walk you through extended Apple Care+ plans, including one that may cover an iPhone and an Apple Watch. You’ll also have the option to buy other bands and accessories, according to the outlet, though you’ll apparently only be able to try on two different models (Apple Watch, Apple Watch Sport or Apple Watch Edition)

9to5Mac said the size of the “magical” Apple Watch tables will vary by store, but that each watch is capable of charging at the table, which is locked with special RFID sensors. When you’re ready for checkout, an Apple employee will be able to process your order right at the table, which is already the standard buying process.

The experience sounds pretty straightforward, but we’re curious what sort of demand there will be at launch and just how hard those demo appointments will be to book.


Todd Haselton

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