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Sayonara Umihara Kawase Chirari coming to the States for PS Vita

by Ron Duwell | March 27, 2015March 27, 2015 7:30 pm PST

I write about this game a lot, but it just seems to constantly go under the radar. A little too cute, maybe?

If you love grappling hooks, then Sayonara Umihara Kawase –Yumi’s Odd Odyssey in the States – is the game for you. The Nintendo 3DS version has already been localized and released by Natsume to little fanfare, but this PS Vita version, subtitled Chirari in Japan, is definitely the one you want.

The game itself is pretty good, and the graphical and frame-rate improvements might be worth the double dip for fans. More importantly though, this PS Vita version will have the original Super Famicom cult-classic included within the actual game. Umihara Kawase is the absolute best Super Nintendo platformer you’ve never played, and this version of it will be the first official release the game ever seen in the States.

It only took 22 years, but Umihara Kawase is finally coming to the States in English. Seriously, play this game. You won’t regret it one bit, and it’s one of my all time favorites. The $19.99 price tag is worth the original game alone. You can consider the newer game as the bonus.

Japanese publisher Agatsuma Entertainment has stated that the game will be released in North America this spring for $19.99 on the PS Vita. Natsume seems to have been left out of the loop on this publication, and Agatsuma Entertainment has no title for this special edition confirmed just yet.

We will wait and see if it goes by Sayonara Umihara Kawase Chirari or something like Yumi’s Odd Odyssey+.


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