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Cities: Skylines now has a mod that lets you fly planes over your city

by Joey Davidson | March 27, 2015March 27, 2015 5:30 pm EST

This, friends. This still very far from feature complete mod from the Cities: Skylines community is exactly why developers would be crazy to not offer mod support in the PC games begging for it.

Steam user Ulysius has created a mod called Flight Cimulator, and it’s essentially a way to spawn a plan above your city and fly about in order to take in the fancy views. It’s so simple and so obviously not done, but this nice little touch is a great way to look at a city you’ve toiled over for hours in a new and unique way. The mod will eventually add collisions, but don’t be a jerk.

There are already tons of mods for Cities: Skylines. The game disables achievements when you use them; but, there’s a mod that re-enables achievements that are disabled from using other mods. Gotta love that one.

Cities: Skylines is wonderful for a lot of reasons. The biggest in my opinion? Paradox and Colossal Order want their community to actively create things in the game. And, look at this, a single mod puts it back in the spotlight after settling down post release. Seriously. Why not support the modding community? They make life for your game for free.

Do you have a favorite mod? I prefer the convenience ones. There’s one that lets you auto demolish abandoned and burnt down buildings, and I keep that sucker on as soon as my city approaches a 20k+ population.


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