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Skype for Web finally goes live for beta testers

by Jacob Kleinman | March 26, 2015March 26, 2015 9:00 pm EST

Microsoft announced plans to bring Skype to your browser back in November, and it looks like the company is finally opening up the service beyond the initial test group. Neowin reports that beta invites are rolling out, offering a first real look at Skype for Web.

The web-based version of Skype offers most of the same capabilities found in Microsoft’s official app. That includes live video and text chat along with audio-only calling.¬†There’s still no word on when Skype for Web is getting an official launch, though hopefully it won’t be too much longer. Based on these images, it looks like the new service is pretty much ready to go, so it’s unclear what’s still holding Microsoft back.

If you made it into the beta, you should be able to check it out now via the source link below. Otherwise you’ll hit a wall.

Skype NeoWin

Jacob Kleinman

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