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New Moto X coming this year, confirms Moto president

by Jacob Kleinman | March 26, 2015March 26, 2015 9:40 am EST

The Moto X (2014) is just six months old, but we’re already itching for an update. Thankfully, Motorola Mobility president Rick Osterloh has some fresh news for us on that front.

In a public Twitter interview last night, Osterloh confirmed that the Moto X (2015) won’t break the company’s year-long product cycle, but at least we know there’s a definite update scheduled for this year. It sounds as though Motorola isn’t changing its plans now that it’s owned by Lenovo. Given the year-long product cycle, that means we likely won’t see the device announced until early Sept. 2015. Maybe sometime in August if we’re lucky.

Osterloh fielded a few other interesting questions, ranging from the Moto 360 to the possibility of a Moto tablet. Responding to rumors that Android Wear may add iOS support, he denied knowing anything about it, though that doesn’t mean Google’s not working on a cross-platform update. As for a tablet, it’s still not happening, and Osterloh says you’re better off buying one from Lenovo instead.

Osterloh didn’t provide any information on what we can expect from the new Moto X, but rest soundly knowing a new one is on the horizon.

Jacob Kleinman

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