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Leap Motion makes the jump to virtual reality

Leap Motion and virtual reality seems like an obvious fit. Now the motion sensing technology is finally coming to VR, starting with Razer’s open source headset.

Razer’s upcoming OSVR will be the first to get support for a Leap Motion faceplate attachment with built-in motion sensors. That means, for an extra price, you’ll be able to experience virtual reality with your hands as well as your eyes. It’s unclear how much that add-on faceplate will cost, though the headset alone starts at $199.

Leap Motion isn’t limiting itself to just one headset. The company says it’s working with a handful of partners. Unfortunately, that might not include high-profile options like Oculus Rift, HTC Vive or Sony’s Project Morpheus, which have all committed to developing their own input systems.

For now, we’re excited to see how Leap Motion works with the OSVR. Razer’s development kit headset is set to ship this June, while pre-orders for the faceplate attachment open in May.

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Jacob Kleinman

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